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インターナショナル イン トウキョウ  パーティー

【Venue】: The First House
5-16-5 Imperial Roppongi Building B2F


〒106-0032 港区六本木5-16-5 インペリアルビルB2F

Here's a GOOGLE Map


                                      ※※※※ Important 必要※※※※
To make the reception smooth please "
Show this page at the entrance or say you come from Twitter invite.
✔️ ✔️  入場の時  “Twitter でイベントを見た”、 と一こと言うってください。


Participation Fee  (Show WEBPAGE)
Women ♀ : 2000Y
Men ♂ : 2500Y



❂All you can drink for 2hrs
Basic cocktails, Wine, Whisky, Soft drinks etc.





Be a part of the greatest International community in Tokyo. Let's Meetup, Network & Party together.



What is Internationals in Tokyo Party about:
Internationals In Tokyo Party is a social network uniting internationally orientated people who live in Tokyo.



The cultural openness of members makes a unique evening for the members attending the party. The theme sticks to a cross cultural evening with language-exchange, social get together and a great party! 

We also welcome business networking for expats and students.

First timers don't be shy and just come and join as our main focus is to help people get confident and enjoy by introducing them to other first then create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

About the night


                     ☆ Networking 90mints  |  Party with music 60mints  ☆

You will be meeting and mingling for the most of the time with soft music vibes | The later part of the night turns out to be a party and dancing, yet some choose to continue with their conversations. 
Some members choose to stay longer even after the party



About the Venue
The First House is a popular choice of meetup and party goers. The red ambience of the place is coupled with nice lightning for a decent meetup.


Fun and Friendly members
There is something for everyones tastes and needs as we gather a wide range of language, nationality and culture, so get a sip of a small world gathered in a unique venue for a great moment where you will ear all around English & Japanese languages & who knows you may meet a native of your own language.


- we privatize the venue exclusively for our members, the best way to ensure you to enjoy a great friendly international atmosphere.


- expect invites outside meetup from social networking sites who are specially coming for this party.


- our event gathers members from all walks of like and countries/culture/language creating a great dynamic while keeping it intimate enough to mingle around & make good connections or new friends



Access】 : 3 min walk from Roppongi Station Exit 3 on Oedo and Hibiya Lines
 or follow this picture map



Make friends, connections and fun time!!!
See you all very soon for some memorable moments all together.
  Internationals in Tokyo Team






インターナショナル イン トウキョウ コミュニティーは、東京­において、国際人をつなぐネットワークです­。 









ネットワーク 90分
パーティー 60分







First Houseは、六本木にあるスタイリッシュ­なラウンジです。いろんな国籍の人が参加す­るので、様々な言語に触れることができます­。


行き方は 簡単 (英語のところのpicture map)見てください。





20:30~23:00(2時間半パーティー) 時間内は何時でも入場可能です。
飲み放題は20:30~22:30までとなります(2時間飲み放題) カクテル、ジュースなど






We list some of our regular events on sub-pages here also 



      Join us


     we are having fun...


Yes! TOKYO parties are a great place to meet cool people, make new friends, find language exchange partners, learn about other cultures, and even find romance in a casual party atmosphere.

We introduce  you the best parties happening in and around Tokyo.

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